The Woven Collective is a collaboration of handwoven fiber art created by Ashley Gossett and Rivkah Hubbard, two friends who discovered and fell in love with the art of weaving together.  Their small business was born out of a desire to carve out a sacred space for creativity and self-expression outside of their full time jobs as mothers. 

Their process begins with the curation of fibers for each collection, a task that brings about much joy and excitement, as they frequently find themselves talking at length about colors and textures and dreaming up all sorts of inspiring combinations. Over the next month or two, they use the exact same materials to create woven tapestries that are unique to their individual voices as artists, but when brought together create a harmonious and cohesive collection. 

Hand weaving is a deeply soulful journey hidden in a seemingly simple practice. There are moments of great inspiration, frustration, pride, regret, acceptance, denial, and everything in between. Each piece from The Woven Collective carries a feeling of having its own personality because with it carries our life stories during the time in which it was woven.  When you live your life with authenticity,  a soulful art is born from that same intention. Some weavings may carry our laughter and some may carry our tears...but each and every one we create carries our hearts.